Consulting Services

About Douma Consulting Services

Douma Consulting Services specializes in providing excellence in consulting services while supporting educational leadership to K-12 school systems in Iowa.

Douma Consulting Services pledges to provide services and support to school systems, Boards of Education and other key stakeholders.

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  • Superintendent Services

    • Establish process and timeline with the board customized for the district
    • Meet with stakeholders to identify the desired qualifications of the new superintendent
    • Recruit prospective candidates for the position
    • Screen and conduct confidential reference checks on the applicants
    • Support the board in identifying the candidates to be interviewed
    • Schedule and facilitate the interview process
    • Provide support from the beginning of the interview process until a candidate has been selected
    • Support the board and the new superintendent following the interview process
    • Offer search services for other administrative positions within the school district
  • Strategic Planning Services

    • Meet with School Board and the administration to identify the scope of the planning process
    • Develop a process that will involve focus groups made up of key educational stakeholders within school system and the community
    • Work cooperatively with the School Board and administration to identify future goals and objectives
    • Establish monitoring procedures for measuring the effectiveness of the goals and objectives
  • Mentoring Services

    • At the request of the School Board, mentoring services can be provided to support the leadership of the Superintendent as well as the school district’s educational efforts.